Easiest Fruit Salad for your Christmas Party! Essentially 1 Ingredient + Fruit

I want to share to you a fruit salad that is so genius and simple. You can use mandarin, canned or fresh oranges, pineapple, mango and grapes. You can also add blackberries and cranberries. Then mix the fruits with either Greek Orange Cream Yogurt, vanilla yogurt, orange oil, plain greek yogurt, and stevia.


YouTube link: https://youtu.be/_td1UCV5Xdw

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How to make delicious homemade maple almond granola

 Homemade granola: the cheaper and better breakfast/snack that lasts all week

About 3 years ago, I started buying granola from my Local Food Co-Op. It was about $10/bag & it disappeared very quickly in my house. The co-op only offered my favorite flavor periodically, so I was inspired to make my own maple almond granola. You can flex any of the nuts & seeds in the recipe or increase the wet ingredients for even more clumps. 

Take it out of the oven at the recommended time. It won't look done until it's cooled and hardened. The almond extract in this is a game changer!


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This recipe was originally published at Iowa Girl Eats blog & I make modifications as desired (like double pecans!): 

Maple Almond Granola:

3 cups certified gluten­free old fashioned oats
1 cup whole raw almonds, divided

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Dessert, Breakfast or Snack that makes you Feel Great about in 2-3 Ingredients!

Today, I'm going to talk about a dessert or snack that makes you feel great. That's because of it's high content of Omega-3. Good sources of Omega-3 are usually in fish but this is a plant base source of Omega-3. We'll get couple of ingredients and mix them together.


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Oodles of Zoodles: Quick Review of 3 Zucchini Noodle Makers & Fast Recipe Ideas!

I want to show you what to do with zucchini. A few different types of zoodlers and one that does not require any special equipment. In order to create zucchini noodle, you can use cone-shaped zoodler, Kuhn Rikon peeler or carrot peeler. You may also heat the zoodles maximum of 2-3 minutes.


YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEp5Eo6hUs4

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Let's eat: casual prep mango, avo, cuke salad + anti-inflammatory root veggies & tomato mozz bites

There is a Hydroponic Greenhouse near my parents’ house and they have chocolate tomatoes. They are super sweet and delicious. I add basil and fresh mozzarella to it. Then drizzle some balsamic vinegar and it was crazy good!


YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaY5RhWZ6rw

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Fast Veggie Recipe that Tastes Great: Good for Food Sensitivity/Allergies

I want to talk about quick and easy recipe made of Bokchoy. Bokchoy is something I didn’t know anything about until a few years ago when I went to a really authentic Chinese restaurant. We had dimsum in which they bring little containers of food around the table and you pay by the item. One of the items that they brought on, probably my favorite item was Bokchoy!


YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYg1z_2Fots

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Freshen up your Weekend: Agua Fresca!

Just this year, I start making Agua Fresca and it’s like a fruit lemonade basically. You can use any kind of fruits aside from watermelon. I have 2 cups of watermelon and 2 cups of water and I throw some mint on it. I’m squeezing half of a lime and blend it up. You can put dash of maple syrup to taste really, really good!


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What's Slowing Down your Dinner Prep?

Proper knife skills save a lot of time in meal prep. I want to talk about how to sharpen your knife, types of knives, and how to cut vegetables more easily and faster. I’ll show you my favorite knife too!


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